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”Cleaning and sanitation techniques “course
Who is it for? For the cleaning or healthcare professional, and anyone intending to acquire in-depth knowledge of professional cleaning and sanitizing of surfaces and environments, with particular attention to the precautionary containment measures to be taken to combat health emergencies such as the COVID 19 epidemic.
Objectives and purpose The course allows you to acquire the skills to safely use equipment and products for the   disinfection   and   sanitization   of   environments   and   for   the   choice   and implementation of the most effective treatment according to the different environmental conditions of the production realities considered, up to the disposal of waste and to the reorganization of the treated environments.
Requirements of Baccalaureate
Duration and The course lasts 8 hours and can be learned in e-learning mode with LMS (Learning Management System) technology, capable of monitoring and certifying the performance, traceability and completion of each user’s educational activities.
Course schedule Part 1
– Principles of hygiene
– Hospital infections
– Use of PPE
– Cleaning and sanitization in the hospital
– The classification and management of waste
Part 2
– The types of dirt
– Types of cleaning
– Professional building cleaning
– Pathologies induced or favored by detergents
– Sanitize the house
– Sanitize the surfaces
– Epidemiology of infectious diseases
– Biological agents
– Carcinogenic Agents
– Chemical agents
– Test
Part 3
– How to wash your hands
– Dialogue on the Corona Virus
– Decalogue to avoid the spread of COVID19
– Covid test
Rating Verification of learning takes place on the basis of multiple choice tests and quiz games that can also be administered in itinere.
Training certificate released Certificate of attendance “Cleaning and sanitation techniques” in pdf format.

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