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General training course for workers
Who is it for? The course aims to provide workers with the general principles of the law on health
and  safety  in  the  workplace  in  compliance  with  current  legislation  (Article  37  of
Legislative Decree No. 81 of 2008).
The training of workers is aimed at creating awareness and culture on the risks and safety measures to be applied to prevent accidents.
Art. 37 of Legislative Decree. 81/08 provides that the Employer trains all its employees,
in compliance with the contents and duration provided for in the agreement between the Minister of Labor and Social Policies, the Minister of Health, the Regions and Autonomous Provinces of Trento and Bolzano for the training of workers sanctioned by the State Regions Conference on 21/12/2011 (Rep. Acts no. 221 / CSR) (OJ no. 8 of 11-
Objectives and purposes Provide participants with the necessary insights and updates to learn about the principles of the Prevention and Protection System adopted by companies and through which tools and strategies the worker is called upon to operate to preserve the state of safety in the workplace.
The general training and information course for workers is aimed at employers who want to keep their company in compliance with Legislative Decree 81/2008 and subsequent amendments.
In  fact,  the  decree  obliges  the  employer  to  train  and  inform  the  workers  of  his company on the specific risks of the activity carried out within the company.
The course for the training and information of the worker deals with providing all the main notions on safety aspects, obligations to be respected and prohibitions for the prevention of possible risks present during work.
Legislation of reference Legislative Decree 81/08 es.m.e i .;

State – Regions Agreement n.221 of 21 December 2011; State – Regions Agreement n.153 of 25 July 2012;
State – Regions Agreement n.128 of 07 July 2016.

Requirements of None
Duration and The course has a duration of 4 hours, the same for all workers, and can be carried out in  e-learning  mode  with  specific  characteristics  of  quality  and  certification  of  the linking sessions of the participants.
General module (4 hours)
• Notes on the legislative system on worker safety.
• Concepts of risk.
• The institutional system of prevention.
Course •  The  subjects  of  the  Company  Prevention  System  according  to  Legislative  Decree
schedule duties, obligations and responsibilities.
• Damage, Prevention, Protection.
• Organization of business prevention.
• Rights, duties and penalties for the various company subjects.
• Supervisory, control and assistance unities.
Rating Verification of learning takes place on the basis of multiple choice tests and quiz games that can also be administered in itinere.
Training Certificate of Attendance of “General Worker Training” of 4 hours.
Teaching Teachers in possession of the requisites envisioned by the inter-ministerial decree of 6
March 2013, issued in implementation of
article 6, paragraph 8, letter m bis), of Legislative Decree no. 81/2008, which entered into
force on March 18, 2014.
Venue The course can be delivered entirely in e-learning according to the procedures defined in Annex II of the State – Regions Agreement of 7 July 2016. In the event of a classroom course, the course will be delivered, according to a pre-established calendar, in one of the nearest locations located on the national territory. It is possible to admit a maximum number of participants to each course equal to 35 units.

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